The 3DCONS project aims to introduce 3D printing technologies in the construction industry, both in the field of new construction and in the rehabilitation and restoration of heritage.

To achieve this objective we will work in three main areas of development:


Building materials for 3D printing based on gypsum, lime, cement and composites thereof.


Robotic 3D printing systems to automate the processes of construction, rehabilitation and restoration.


New construction processes that integrate new ICT technologies (3D scanning, thermography, BIM, energy simulations etc.) and new printing systems and materials developed.

The final applications of the project will be new facade rehabilitation processes, vertical surfaces and restoration of architectural elements by direct printing thereon, as well as systems for printing prefabricated elements “à la carte”. In both cases, each part or element is manufactured with total freedom of design and optimizing its performance for the specific requirements it will have when in use (shapes, thicknesses, thermal and acoustic properties etc.).